Buildr’s Built-in Page Builder

Buildr is the only theme on WordPress that gives you the ability to use a page buildr, without any additional plugins, or complicated frameworks. Buildr leverages the power of the WordPress Customizer and Widgets to let you drag and drop any component onto your pages and templates. Unlike other themes, Buildr lets you position sections anywhere you want, in the order you want. Additionally, you can use and re-use widgets as many times on a page.

Buildr also integrates very well with page builder plugins. While that is not the intent of the theme, it still gives you the flexibility to use Site Origin, Beaver Builder, Elementor and others. We do recommend using Build’r widgets to build your site, as it is easier, more intuitive, and does not require you to install any heavy page builder plugins.

202 thoughts on “Buildr’s Built-in Page Builder

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